Drum lessons available covering all aspects of Drumming

  • Hand and Foot Technique
  • Independence
  • Reading
  • All Styles
  • More

Drummers in the Nashville area :

Getting hired for the session usually means having "Studio experience". 

How do you get that experience?

Here's a chance for you to get some studio savvy before the session:

• Learn to play with a Click Track
• Learn to sketch out a quick drum parts
• Read and play pre-written drum charts
• Play with pre-recorded tracks
• Learn studio tuning tricks
• Studio micing techniques
• What producers want
• Be Recorded and take home a copy of your performance

Lessons take place at Tuffdrums Studio

•Studio Master Class - 4 One Hour Individual Lessons

Please e-mail for more info and phone contact.


Tuffdrums.com • P.O. Box 218435 • Nashville, TN 37221
email: neil@tuffdrums.com