About Neil Tufano and Tuff Drums

Neil Tufano has been a professional Drummer in New York, performing live and in the studio for some 30 years. He can be heard on Jingles to Albums and seen playing live from Clubs to Concerts. Neil was labeled "A Chameleon" because he can play so many different styles authentically. He recently moved from New York to Nashville, where he built a "State of the Art" Recording Studio. Focusing on the theory that "great drum sounds come from great sounding rooms", he built a Large Drum Tracking Room with custom designed acoustics. Top of the line recording gear and a killer sounding room allows Tuffdrums to not only offer "real drums" for your projects but "real drums" that sound like they came from a Multi-million dollar recording facility. Tuffdrums is available for Producers, Artists and Songwriters who would like to bring their projects to the professional level without the time and expense normally associated with getting pro-drum parts recorded.

These are some of the artists Neil Has performed, toured and or recorded with: Monty Alexander, Dizzy Gillespie, Blood Sweat and Tears, Dave Mason, Mellisa Manchester, Gary Portnoy and Judy Hart Angelo , Keb Mo, The Rainbow Room Orchestra, Saturday Night Live, Julie Budd, Shaggy, Big Mouth, Frank Foster, Dave Liebman, Joe Lovano, Ralph Lalama, Darius Rucker , Ira Sullivan, Dick Oats,Tom & Ray Kennedy, Schuyler Deale, Jay Azzolina, Will Lee, Fred Hersch, Lew Solof, Don Alias, Art Resnick, Jazz Aliance Big Band, Richie Iacona Bad Little Big Band, Lynn Roberts, The 4 Lads, Rob Aries (John Scofield), Danny Mixon, Harry Sheppard, Alan Simon, Roseanna Vitro, Laura Theodore, more...

Education: Bachelor of Arts degree from the State University at Stony Brook in New York. Studied privately with Ed Soph, Duffy Jackson, John Riley, Sonny Igoe and Ray Falcone of The Charles Perry Drum Studio.

Drums include: Yamaha Recording custom- all sizes, 70's Gretsch Jazz kit , Modern Drum Shop Custom Snare, Yamaha Anton Fig wood rim, Yamaha 8 inch / birch, 1960's Ludwig supraphonic . Cymbals : Paiste, Sabian, Istanbul K. Zildjian (all sizes and kinds)

Studio: Control Room, Sound Lock, Two Large Tracking Rooms with high ceilings and CCTV. "Custom Acoustics" ( Studio Construction Service )

Yamaha C series Grand Piano

Console: Tascam M2600 MKII (Sound Construction Custom Desk), Euphonix MC Control

Mic Pre's: Focusrite Quad Red, Avalon 737 sp , UA 6176, ApI 3124+, Vintech Audio 473

Mics: AKG 414 UBLS TL , D112, D12E, Neuman 102 (2), Neumann m147, Shure SM57 (6) SM81 (3) , Sennhiser MD421 (4) E604 (3), Studio Projects C3 (2), Yamaha Sub Kick, Nakamichi CM 100 (2)

Converters: Apogee Symphony System and Big Ben Master Clock

Processing: UAD quad II, Sony R7, Sony M7, Yamaha SPX 90 (2), Emprical labs EL8-x (2), DBX 166 XL, DBX 163X, Lexicon LXP-1 w/ MRC, , UA, Avalon, Valley People Gatex, Alesis Quadraverb (2), Aphex Aural Exciter, Ashley CL52E (2), Ashly GQ 1502,

Software: Digital Performer 7.2, Logic Studio
Computer: Mac Intel Pro 8 Core
Glyph hard drives

Monitors: Event ASP8 , KRK•KROK

Tape Machines: Sony PCM 800 (2) w/ Controller, Tascam 112 MK II Cassette, Tascam Dat 40

Midi: Motu Midi express XT, Akai Samplers, tons of synth modules. EMU SP12 w/ Drum File, Drum Kat, Fatar Studio 900


Tuffdrums.com • P.O. Box 218435 • Nashville, TN 37221
email: neil@tuffdrums.com